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Jessica Barstis grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts.
She began performing with the North Shore Music Theater the moment she became a teenager and has rarely left the stage since. She has had the good fortune to play both minor roles and leading ladies in a variety of popular musicals, both pre-teen and adult.   Having recognized the endless possibilities of musical theater, she has appeared in everything from “Goodnight, Moon”, (Clarabelle) to the “The Rocky Horror Show”, (Janet).

Miss Barstis enrolled in the Boston Conservatory in the fall of 2011 and quickly became immersed in Boston’s underground theatre scene. This began with a production of “Clubland: A Monster Pop Party” through the American Repertory Theaters workshop series held at their alternative performance space, Oberon.

She eventually found her true home with the reigning royals of Boston’s theatrical underground, The Gold Dust Orphans- a hugely popular, vaudevillian style theatrical troupe- and has enjoyed performing with them continuously in Boston, Provincetown, and New York City for over three years and counting.

Miss Barstis has been cast in the title roles including, (but not limited to) Snow White in “Snow White and the Seven Bottoms”, Millie in “Thoroughly Muslim Millie, and most recently, Tranny in “A Little Orphan Tranny Christmas”.

Jessica plans to move to NYC in the fall, after receiving her B.F.A. and completing her commitment to play the lead role of Helen Keller in the Orphans new show, “Legally Blind”, set to open in May and play until September.

Once moving to New York, she will continue her pursuits in theater, costume making and performance art.
Jessica would also like you to know that she is currently transitioning from musical ingenue to Unicorn.






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