A Little Orphan Tranny Christmas:


  • "... Jessica Barstis portrays our little orphan Tranny with all the wide eyed innocence of a strung out Liza Minelli in a bath house circa 1972."- Clinton Campbell, EDGE Boston



  • "...played by the retro-adorable Jessica Barstis, who has become to the Orphans what Darla was to the Little Rascals, beaming brightly and singing sweetly through the mayhem."- Carolyn Clay, WBUR- The Artery


Thoroughly Muslim Millie:






Snow White and the Seven Bottoms:

  • "Jessica Barstis is a perfect Snow White. She sings like an angel, moves like a ballet dancer and looks like a porcelain Disney Doll. However, because she is a Landry Snow White, she is an innocent with a wickedly comic edge."- Lynda Sturner, Provincetown: Wicked Local


  • "Snow White is sung to perfection by Jessica Barstis and inevitably flips us out when she tips over for the inevitable panty-exposing pole dance."- Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce's Choices


  • "Jessica Barstis, as Snow White, combines a gorgeous singing voice with a lovely sense of comic timing and an ability to play the innocent with adroit ease."- Terry Byrne, The ArtsFuse



  • "Barstis... demonstrates a Kristen Schaal-like deftness when it comes to straddling the line between bewildered innocence and sly awareness."- Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe


  • "Jessica Barstis must have fallen out of central casting as she looks and sounds like the iconic Snow White most everyone remembers from childhood. With a voice that can summon bluebirds and alabaster skin lovingly complemented by crimson lips, the naiveté exaggerated by her cartoonish voice is all the funnier when confronted with the sexual decadence that has taken over the kingdom."- Steve Desroches, Provincetown Magazine



It's A Horrible Life:




  • "Even his wife Mary (Jessica Barstis) hits the skids, but gets rave reviews for her turn on the stripper pole."- Nick Dussault, Boston Metro